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We've collected all your questions here!

1. I'm lost, what do I do?

In the "Contact" tab, we have created a form with the most basic information to start your order. In order for everything to go smoothly, try to be as clear as possible.

If you're not sure what you want, don't worry, we'll be with you every step of the way to achieve your branding 👍

2. Can I send my request directly by courier or email?

Yes, no worries! We have a preference for e-mails which contain a maximum of information or by telephone where we can discuss in person.

In general, we try to answer as quickly as possible. If after 48 hours, we haven't called back or answered your email, don't hesitate to call us again! 👌

3. I have an idea but I haven't put it into practice yet, what should I do?

Come with all your ideas and a graphic designer of the team will accompany you during the design of your graphic identity (logo, colors, fonts). We offer custom packages, if that helps!

From there, you can move on to textile printing, signage installation or other merchandising creation.

4. I know what I want, what information should I give?

For textile orders, we need a whole series of information:

  • Object of the order (t-shirt, cap, tote bag, ...)
  • Reference (if you have)
  • Quantity
  • Textile color* (if any)
  • Type : Logo / Text / Other / Combination
  • File: see pt. on the file to send
  • Location of marking
  • Dimensions (approx.)
  • Printing color(s): mono, two-color, plus
  • Printing technique** : silk-screen printing, sublimation, flocking, embroidery ...

* The choice of colors depends on the brand of the textile
** It often depends on your project and your budget, if you do not know, do not take the head, we propose you the best solution! 

5. I have placed my order, which file should I send?

Sending a good file for printing speeds up the process and ensures the quality of your personalization 😏

The best of the best file :

  • File extension: .psd / .tiff / .ai / .eps / .pdf
  • Resolution: 300dpi or higher
  • Color mode* : CMYK or RGB
  • File size: no specificity
  • Other recommendations: font file or vectorized font

* The color mode depends on the type of printing that will be done

6. I don't have a file as requested, is this a problem?

If the file is not suitable for printing, it must be reworked to ensure the quality and fidelity of the marking.

You can send us the logo, image or text to be printed and we work on it to make it suitable. Depending on the work required to process the file to be printed, additional charges may be added 😟

7. What's the difference between screen printing, sublimation and flocking?

The printing technique depends on the customer's request, the supports to personalize and the quantity to produce. Mucho Moreno's team will do its best to guide you and offer you the most qualitative choice.

  • Silk-screen printing consists in using screens-"stencils" between the ink and the support to be printed (textile, paper, metal, wood, etc.). It allows a durable printing with limited but intense colors and a good opacity.

  • Thermal sublimation consists in integrating the ink directly into the mesh of the support. It allows a printing with several colors, even of the imagery, on a broad range of support.

  • Flocking consists in depositing and thermo-gluing a pre-cut flex (smooth aspect) or flock (velvet aspect) material on a support. It allows a simple and monochrome unit personalization.

8. Is there a minimum order?

We make custom-made products according to your requests, so we do not impose a minimum order.

It is still more advantageous to order in batch since our prices are degressive. 

9. How long does it take to print?

It takes a minimum of one week to process and finalize an order.

A 'rush' order ready in three days is feasible but will incur additional costs.

10. What textiles are available?

Mucho Moreno has several textile suppliers to be able to offer a maximum of different textiles according to your desires and requests. This also allows us to guarantee a good quality of printing because we know how the textile will react to the different personalization techniques.

What's more, we take care of ordering the textiles so that they arrive directly to us, which means that we can personalize them more quickly. Result: less delays 😉

What sizes and colors are offered?

The sizes and colors offered depend on the brand of the textile. For example, some brands can go up to 4XL, others will only offer up to XL. Don't hesitate to ask and let us know when you order, we'll discuss it!

11. Can I bring in my textiles to be personalized?

We're not against the idea of customizing what you bring in. However, we can't guarantee "customer" textiles no matter what!

All textiles are not the same and react differently! That's why when we order textiles from our suppliers, we can then guarantee the quality of the printing.

12. How much does it cost to print?

It is not possible to give a cost estimate without a project basis.

Every order is different: different textiles, different printing techniques depending on the branding and the area to be printed, graphic work if needed - all this will influence the price. One thing is for sure: prices are on a sliding scale 😉

The Mucho Moreno team is trying to create a list to help estimate the cost of projects but it's not quite there yet. We'll keep you posted!

13. How does the payment work?

After discussing the order, a deposit of 30% to 50% is required. Full payment is required upon delivery.

Delivery is not included in the payment.

14. Can I change, cancel or return my order?

After a first contact, modifications are possible and very likely: they will be made according to what is possible and what you want to do. Then, we send a proof (BAT*) which represents the final project before the production. Once the proof is validated, there are no more possible modifications.

A cancellation is negotiable only before the signature of the proof.
However, all printing and design ideas (which are considered intellectual property) and time spent on a project will still be charged despite the cancellation.

As this is textile customization, returns are not possible or refundable.

15. What is a proof of concept (POC) ?

A proof is the last step before printing and consists of a simulation of the printing of a given graphic file. It allows you to ensure that the expected result of the printing is in accordance with what you want. If approved, we can start production!

This written agreement seals the commitment between you and us and releases the responsibility of the printer for many errors found afterwards.

16. Is it possible to test the textiles before and after printing?

It is quite possible to come and see the textiles before printing. We still ask you to have an idea of what you want to do and we will prepare a selection of textiles to show you.

Testing a print, called prototyping, is possible but not free. You will have to count the price of a textile piece, of the design, of the time spent. We do not advise it.